PG Will Bynum recently signed a 10 day contract with Washington, and while it would be quite a stretch to claim the above video collection of Bynum’s recent Chinese Basketball Association exploits was what sealed the day, DC Sports Bog’s Clinton Yates found more to like than just ” people in matching shirts hitting thundersticks, military officers in hats and a Michael Beasley sighting.”

It’s three-plus minutes of up-and-under scoop shots, drive and dishes, pull-up threes and fantastic lob passes to Yi. This is what Kevin Hart thinks he looks like when he hoops it up.

What really sets the video off, though, is the soundtrack. The background beat is a song called “Onslaught 2? by Slaughterhouse from their self-titled debut album, featuring Fatman Scoop. This will mean nothing to you if you weren’t into a particular brand of hip-hop in 2009, but it was a mid-level hit, mainly gaining popularity for its earworm worthy production. If it hadn’t come up here, I probably would have never thought about that track ever again.