White Sox 7, Astros 6

This was some kinda week for the Astros’ Brad Lidge, having allowed up game winning home runs to those two all-time great power hitters, Albert Pujols and Scott Podsednik.

In case you forgot, Jose Vizcaino’s two-out, 2 RBI single in the visitors’ 9th was just his second huge World Series moment. The Viz had the game winning PH single in the Yankees’ marathon Game One win over the Mets in 2000.

After all the articles that characterized Brad Lidge’s gopher ball to Albert Pujols as something that would destroy the former’s career, what does tonight’s blown save say about Bobby Jenks?

Very little, I figure, but we know how hysteria gets whipped up.

Full credit to Chicago though, for rising from the mat after Houston’s stunning comeback off the previously unhittable Jenks. There’s no way I thought Buff Bagwell would get on base any way besides a HBP, nor did I think Chris Burke had any chance of beating Podsednik’s thrown on the Viz’ single (above). This was a terrific game, one only slightly marred by Jeannie Zelasko’s fur coat. Where’s PETA when we really need them?

A little too much was made of the Jermaine Dye-HBP-that-wasn’t. That some calls have gone Chicago’s way this October is undeniable, much as you can’t pretend they’ve not taken full advantage of every one of them.

The Comcast studio guy just yelped “if the batboy had hit the home run, it would’ve been more likely than Scotty Podsednik!”. Hmmm. Win or lose, the White Sox had better get a stronger batboy.

Despite the White Sox (9-1 thus far in the postseason) seemingly doing everything right, their winning the Series isn’t a forgone conclusion. They’ve yet to face Roy Oswalt…and between the Minute Main roof malfunctioning and 4 days of torrential rain in the Houston area, there’s always a chance he could pitch Game 4, too.

Brad Lidge is showing considerable patience on Comcast’s postgame show, answering a littany of “what’s it like to be the biggest goat in history?” and “are you going to shoot yourself in the face or just overdose on pain pills?” type questions. I suspect Lidge’s psyche will survive this setback, though he might not want to watch “SportsCenter” for a few days (especially if he’s a Texans fan).

On MSG’s “Sports Desk, John Giannone asked his studio expert Fran Healy (!) how a reliever like Lidge, “who’s been so dominant this past two years, gives up a home run to a guy who looks like he’s using a toothpick?”

The Franster proceeded to offer a rather concise biography of Scott Podsednik, along with some background information about the player he was traded for, Carlos Lee. At no point in the monologue, however, did Healy attempt to answer Giannone’s question.