When Yankees COO Lonn Trost spoke of sluggish sales on luxury boxes in the new Steinbrenner Monument To Greed & Avarice, who knew he was all but promising Brian Cashman wouldn’t be pursuing Mark Teixeiria? Earlier today, the Bombers traded infielder Wilson Betemit and minor league pitchers Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez to the White Sox in exchange for the switch-hitting 1B Nick Swisher and minor league pitcher Kanekoa Texeira.  Here’s Peter Abraham of the Journal News’ initial reaction :

It™s impossible to quibble with the Yankees giving up three players like Betemit, Marquez and Nunez. Marquez is a former sandwich pick (2004) who had a solid 2007 season but never really got on track in 2008. He was in that second-tier group of pitching prospects, much like Karstens, McCutchen and Ohlendorf were.

Swisher finished the 2008 season poorly but he can play first base and center field. He has been an on-base guy in his career and hits for power. He is at worst serviceable option at both positions. We™ll hear soon where Cash sees him fitting in. I have predicted from the start that the Yankees would go the trade route for a 1B. Maybe this is it.

Cashman just said that if the season started today, Swisher is the 1B.

Swisher also has some experience as a corner outfielder, but perhaps the New York Mets figure Fernando Tatis is in the prime of his career.  Or, more hopefully, The Chicago Tribune’s Mark Gonzalez is on to something when he hints at the White Sox sending Jermaine Dye to Flushing in exchange for Bobby Parnell or Eddie Kunz

The Cubs’ acquisition of Marlins closer Kevin Gregg today means the end of Kerry Wood’s long tenure at Wrigley Field.  Wood could be a fiscally savvy alternative to the Mets’ splashing out on K-Rod, particularly if ownership place a large wager on Wood spending multiple stints on the disabled list.