Writes David Roth,

Alright, you know how Republicans have scramblin’ token-con J.C. Watts, pass-catching anti-abortion butthead Steve Largent, and well-gelled tax-opponents like John Elway and A-Rod and (sigh) Carlos Beltran? And, like, every other pro athlete except for Fred Hoiberg and Bill Bradley?

Well, now Democrats have a strong right arm with some mild leftward leanings coming down the pike — Heath Shuler (above) is running against Charles Taylor (neither the Liberian dictator nor the Salon.com film critic) in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District. And even weirder, it seems like he’s got a decent shot.

No news on whether Jeff George is going to challenge Denny Hastert. I’ll keep you posted.

If this Roberts guy doesn’t work out, perhaps Ryan Leaf still has a shot at the Supreme Court?