From the MySpace blog of a person whose unique writing style you may or may not recognize.

There’s a guy who runs a sports blog that’s made fun of so much I actually feel sorry for the guy. Yet, in the past, he’s attacked me for my views on issues of race. This is a white man attacking a Native American over race. It’s fine. He has a right.

I decided to let it go until he ramped it up again. Now, I’ve had enough. I’ve tried the sarcasm, humor, and every other method utilized to push away a man with a chip on his shoulder because his dick is small and he wears black rimmed glasses.

Let’s back up a minute. My “attacking (you) for (your) views on race” began when you chose to illustrate a negative item about Stephen A. Smith with a blackface pic. As far as being a Native American is concerned, what does that have to do with anything? Or should Native Americans be exempt from criticism if they turn out to be meatheads? Of course, there’s zero chance the man who wrote of Darrent Williams’ shooting, “Denver authorities are working on leads but thus far have come up with nothing. We suggest they start looking for people who have guns, wear gold chains, and sport colors.” has any peculiar hang-ups about race.

Indeed, I wear spectacles. Since 156 million Americans do the same, either full or part time, I’m not sure how this qualifies as either satire or taking off the gloves, but if that’s the best you can do, I doubt anyone is surprised.

As far as my having a small dick is concerned, I must confess, you’ve got me on that one. Though I’m disappointed you failed to compare mine to Will Leitch’s in terms of length, girth, taste, etc.

That’s not to say I’m not reeling from the knockout blow of being called “a complete pussy” (is this guy the second coming of Oscar Wilde or what?) by someone who hides behind a shield of anonymity. Say what you will about Stephen A., Scoop Jackson, etc., but at least they have the courage of their convictions to sign their names.