I don’t wanna claim I have a high threshold for physical pain. That sounds too much like a challenge that I don’t wish to pose. But I have a passing familiarity with the following neighborhoods in Ouch-ville :

1) Genital microsurgery. For contraceptive reasons (as opposed to cosmetic)
2) Root canal
3) Face-thru-windscreen (on Long Island, no less)
4) Sore ribs from being kicked a few dozen times.
5) Busted hand (HBP)

All of the above, sucked royally. And all of the above were far preferable to enduring the commentary of XM Radio’s Mark Gray.

After the Mets’ stirring 4-3 win over the Marlins on Saturday, Gray was quick to proclaim the Mets, “a really good team…you might have to worry about the defense, but they’re going to hit, no doubt about it.”

Fittingly for a half wit, Gray is half right. You do have to worry about the defense, particularly in the case of 2B Kaz Matsui (above) who had a nightmarish game yesterday, particularly on a series of misplays in the 3rd inning that called into question his competency at the position.

What causes Gray to be so certain that these Mets will score runs, I can only guess. Though the past week featured some timely hitting and the occasional bit of daring-do on the basepaths, no one will mistake Sunday’s starting 9 with Murders’ Row. And no one with a grip on reality expects major contributions on a regular basis from the likes of Eric Valent, Chris Woodward, Marlon Anderson, Victor Diaz or Ramon Castro. Far too many Mets games last year featured a lineup better suited for Norfolk, and while several of the players mentioned can and will prosper as subs, pinch-hitters, etc., at present, Carlos Beltran is surrounded by too many spare parts. Is Cliff Floyd going to play in 120-130 games or a number closer to 100? Is Mike Cameron — a more accomplished longball threat than Victor Diaz — coming back sooner or later? Is anything being done to tutor Jose Reyes in the importance of having at bats that are longer than 2 or 3 pitches?

Of course, if you’re inclined to believe Mark Gray, this is a really good team.