Lowly Wake Forest are leading No. 15 Clemson, 14-3 at the half. No. 2 Auburn trails Arkansas, 17-10 with a couple of minutes remaining before intermission. And with all due respect to either of those contests, what Scotland are doing to France at Hampden Park, will be very hard to top this weekend. Gary Caldwell’s 65th minute corner eluded Gregory Couplet for the match’s lone goal, while the visitors’ collection of superstars are looking a little desperate with a few minutes remaining.

DuÅ¡an Å vento (above) scored the first of Slovakia’s 5 goals against Wales’ Paul Jones earlier today. On the other hand, with Christian Laettner moving to the executive suite, Å vento is now officially the most uncool looking professional athlete of all time.

DirectTV’s onscreen sales pitch for today’s $24.95 Euro 2008 qualifier between England and Macedonia (headed for a scoreless draw at the moment) : “Fans will have the chance to see many of the greatest soccer players in the world, including David Beckham.” Awesome. Later tonight, I look forward to watching Game 3 of the NLDS between the Dodgers and Mets, and with any luck, Orel Hersheiser, Kirk Gibson, Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry will all magically appear, thanks to my satellite provider’s excellent grasp of current sporting events.

(UPDATE : England 0, Macedonia 0. Believe it or not, not only have Scotland beaten France, but they’re 8 points ahead of Italy in Group B)