Tiger Woods’ latest public relations exercise is now in the history books, and Edge Of Sports’ Dave Zirin is no doubt disappointed at one sensational accusation that wasn’t explored.  To wit, allegations by Woods’ kindergarten teacher that Tiger’s claims of childhood racial abuse are fiction.

As Tiger Woods faces the Augusta National press corps on Monday, he actually has a responsibility to respond to Ms. Maureen Decker.  Forget the sexting and the strippers. Tiger should be indignant at the mere thought that he would lie about something so searing, so inhuman, and so utterly tragic.

He should speak out on behalf of any child forced to suffer a hate crime only to be ignored when they sought help. We live in a country where children are driven by humiliation and violence to commit suicide before their tenth birthday. Often they their complaints are ignored until it™s too late. Here is an opportunity for Tiger to open up about his private past for a higher purpose. It also has political implications: the Fox News Right loves nothing more than calling victims of racism liars.

Most of us could care less about Tiger™s mistresses and his trainwreck of a personal life. That affects no one except himself, his family, and the various parasites connected to his billion-dollar brand. But Ms. Decker™s accusation actually has a ripple effect that touches far too many lives. If Tiger was the victim of a hate crime, he needs to bravely own the experience and tell the world that Maureen Decker is the worst kind of liar: a teacher who didn™t protect a child and is now using the fog of the sex scandal to seek public redemption.