Jupiter, FL Police Harrass Brainy Animal Rights Advocate

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While there’s nothing funny or excusable about driving under the influence, I do think the following mitigating circumstances should be considered in the case of Cards skipper Tony La Russa :

If I had to work in close proximity to Braden Looper and Scott Spiezio, I’m pretty sure I’d be totally fucked up at 4am, too.

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  1. irene says:

    Looks like the Post-Dispatch took the story off their server…but it is already up at the St. Pete Times. I like envisioning him asleep like a lil bitty baby at the stop light; those new SUVs sure are comfy. I am sure worse DUIs happen daily in Jupiter, FL between golf carts.

  2. 49 says:

    Note that he had his championship rings on him; the police confiscated them but returned them when he posted bail:


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