Under normal circumstances, a WNBA head coach sneering at the post-playing career of an NBA team president would be slightly newsworthy. When the coach in question is the Detroit Shock’s Bill Laimbeer, speaking ill of the Pacers’ Larry Bird to WFNI’s Eddie White and the Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz, the results are nothing short of blogtastic (transcript taken from Indy Cornrows).

Kravitz: When you come to Indianapolis in a situation like this can we assume you and Larry Bird will be going out and having a couple of cocktails together.

Laimbeer:  Larry Bird?

Kravitz: Talk about the old days

Laimbeer: He’s here in Indiana?
Kravitz: Yeah.

Laimbeer: Oh .. Oh, that’s right I did, I heard he works for the Pacers now.

Kravitz:  He does have a job. We’re very happy about that.

Laimbeer: I don’t really pay attention to how they’re doing. Have they made the playoffs the last few years?

Kravitz:  Uhh, I don’t believe so, I’ll have to check the books on that one.

Laimbeer:  That’d drive me nuts, boy.

Kravitz: Not making the playoffs?

Laimbeer: I mean, not competing for the championship and being in the playoffs.

Kravitz: And everyone makes the playoffs.

Laimbeer: I’d probably quit.