(Sting’s fans at Wrigley, keeping the Cubs from their first World Series in 99 years.)

The Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan reports today that the Cubs announced their first move towards an October 2008 World Series appearance by going ahead with Roger Bossard’s plans to renovate the field. Bossard, of course, is the man who turned Fenway Red Sox Stadium and the Cell into World Series quality sod pits. Two items of note here: 1) the field will be lowered by several feet, meaning we may finally find Kerry Wood’s lost seasons, and 2) this summer’s Police reunion shows are conclusively determined to have held the Cubs out of the World Series (see below). Let’s recap: Corgan sings, Cubs lose; Buffet live CD shows, Baker’s 2006 season (‘nuf sed); The Police play, city cites sewage issues, field ruined. Wrigley’s musical director needs to be shown the door. I’ll say it again: sports and the music industry don’t mix. Right CG?

They were optimistically hoping for the Cubs to make the World Series, and they spent about $200,000 on new sod for postseason games after the outfield grass was severely damaged during the Police concerts in July.

But the Cubs wound up playing only one home playoff game at Wrigley as Arizona swept them in the division series.

“The idea now is that if we get started soon and have the construction done between now and December, it should be OK,” McGuire said.

McGuire said the city must OK the project because it involves the existing sewer system in and around the ballpark.

“It’s really about water flow, which is a major hurdle,” he said. “It’s really a simple project ¦ but it comes down to working with the city. We have an antiquated sewer system around us, and the city is concerned we don’t push more water into the system. They want the status quo, which is what we’ve designed into the project.”

The field will be lowered by several feet after the renovation, giving the Cubs the option to add another row or two of seats, though no expansion plan has been announced.