Bidding War Alert, IX

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Aspiring New Jersey talent scout Jon Solomon graciously calls our attention to Melodic Warrior, sadly not the website marking the long awaited Jim Hellwig/Michael Quercio collaboration, but rather the guh-guh-gushy vocal stylings of Mr. Niko Papasideris (above).

4 responses to “Bidding War Alert, IX”

  1. Brushback says:

    Chris Cornell’s ’80s hairstyle, Bono’s singing voice– wow, it’s like Audioslave meets Coldplay!! This decade really IS gonna suck after all!!!

  2. peter says:

    Maybe u don’t like his looks but u have to admit Niko has funs all over the world – just check his site. And his songs are better than the most of the huge music production of nowadays

  3. Fran says:

    I think he’s sexy…and his music is intense…

  4. Starbux says:

    Who gives a flying FUCK about the lame-ass bullshit from Jim Hellwig/Michael Quercio? They are both completely impotent, pointless and a waste of time to EVER listen to.

    3 O’clock? Never. 4:20, MAYBE!

    As far as this Niko guy is concerned, I checked out his stuff, it sounds great, much better than the atypical pap and pablum that has been regurgitated from the big corporate radio machine, or from the obsolete and utterly vomitile puke from 90’s techno punk crap like 3 O’clock.

    Give the guy a break, at least he has the balls to put his own music out there, which is obviously from the heart, which is a helluva lot more than I can say from dumbass posers like Jim Hellwig/Michael Quercio.

    And you know what? There isn’t a person alive who is actually “awaiting” those freakazoid’s “reunion”. If there actually IS a merciful God in heaven, he will strike those lame bastards dead in their tracks before they are allowed to torture mankind with their wailings and flailings ever again.

    Please God, two giant lightning bolts, zap ’em both dead. And while you are at it, the author of that original post, too.

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