YOU ARE BELOW HUMAN TO CRITICIZE AND DEGRADE SIEGFRIED & ROY. Both of them are incredible human beings who care and love their animals as well as have a deep enduring love for each other that has lasted over 40 years. You are a racist homophobic creep who cannot stand to see 2 human beings achieve so much in life. I personally know both of them and although I am not gay, I admire them and all they do, as millions of people do. Obviously you do not know how to appreciate their art and all they stand for. Their show was amazing and gorgeous, and Roy is an amazing person who is overcoming all odds at recuperating from such a serious attack. Even then he still loves Montecore and all that know what really happened know that Montecore was only trying to protect him after he had a stroke onstage that night.

Your website sucks and shows what a little sad pathetic person you are. We’ve also reported your blog (if you can call it that) to S&R management.

You are crude and totally insensitive jerks.


Dear Madam,

Clearly, we have differing opinions regarding the quality of Siegfried & Roy’s show. If I were a tiger, I’d certainly rip you from limb to limb. Since I am a civilized person, however, I’ll readily admit to being a tad profane and jerky from time to time.

I’m not sure where the racist tag is coming from, much as I’m baffled by the accusation of homophobia. I’m merely afraid that Siegfried & Roy want to turn me into a big jungle cat. Before fucking me. I mean, what’s homophobic about that?

If Gunther Gebel-Williams rose from the grave, however, I’d really have to think about it.