Gammons Hospitalized

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During NESN’s pregame report, hyping tonight’s Mets/Red Sox meeting, the Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes confirmed that Peter Gammons is undergoing medical treatment. Earlier, NESN had claimed Gammons had suffered an anyeurism.

The frequent Buffalo Tom jokes from this corner aside, here’s wishing Gammons the fastest possible recovery.

4 responses to “Gammons Hospitalized”

  1. josh says:

    This is a side effect of having to share a broadcast booth with joe morgan.

  2. David Roth says:

    Or a recording booth with Bronson Arroyo and George Thorogood: http://www.rounder.com/?id=album.php&catalog_id=6862

  3. GC says:

    any further remarks about the debilitating effects of collaborating with Juliana Hatfield will stricken from this space on the grounds of poor taste. May P.G. live long, prosper and continue to toss in the odd Warren Zevon / Eddie Vedderbedwetter (with apologies to Tom Smith) reference until the day the Earth explodes.

  4. Bob Cook says:

    When Bill Lee, in “The Wrong Stuff,” identified Gammons as “one of the hipper writers,” that was a good enough endorsement for me. Here’s hoping he gets well soon.

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