Or, if the above headline strikes you as a poor-fit, David Williams proposes, “Hubris : It’s What’s For Dinner.”  We’re a week away from the end of 2008, yet almost 20 clients of agent Scott Boras —- Derek Lowe, Manny Ramirez, Oliver Perez and Mark Teixeira amongst them — remain unsigned.  While the Daily News‘ Bill Price argues the Mets oughta refrain from the Ollie bidding (“Perez is symbolic of everything that has been wrong with the Mets over the last two seasons”), the New York Times’ Michael Schmidt suggests, “the combination of Boras™s patience, team executives who are wary of the weakening economy, and the lack of movement in negotiations between Boras and teams for his premier client, Teixeira, has slowed the movement of the others.”

With teams dropping out of the bidding, or at least saying so, there is no clear path to a resolution for Boras and Teixeira. And, for that matter, there is no timetable for how quickly his other clients will sign.

According to a person in baseball briefed on the discussions between Boras and several teams, the Red Sox remain interested in signing Teixeira to an eight-year contract that would pay him $168 million to $172 million. The person said that Boras had told several people in baseball that the Angels were still interested in Teixeira.

Unless something happens quickly with Teixeira, it is likely that Felipe López will enter January as the only Boras client to sign with a new team. Major League Baseball shuts down between Christmas and New Year™s Day, although some agents and team executives continue to negotiate. That means that the high-profile players like Ramírez and Lowe and even the lesser-known ones like Willie Bloomquist and Álex Cora will remain uncertain of their 2009 destinations.