How To Get Attention At A Phillies Game Without Rushing Onto The Field

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Image taken with permission from The Big Sharkey Show.

6 responses to “How To Get Attention At A Phillies Game Without Rushing Onto The Field”

  1. Dan Corbin says:

    Of course, Philly fans are classy compared to Eagles fans. Sixers fans aren’t considered because it’s unsure there are any Sixers fans left.

  2. Chuck Meehan says:

    You wont get an argument from me on that, Dan.

  3. Dious says:

    Anyone who has that shirt is not getting any

  4. Ben Schwartz says:

    Every fan in that photo is deserving of attention: Disgusted Fan, Greasy Mustache Fan, Androgynous Crazy-Eyed Feathered Hair Fan … just to start.

  5. jason cohen says:

    I’m certain it was all photoshopped. There were actually several lawyers in double-breasted suits and several classy, attractive women sitting in those seats. And Arlen Specter.

  6. Beerdid Clm says:

    Was watching the game the other night and saw this guy stand up and show the nation what all of his friends already knew he was !!! What we didn’t see was the woman with him had on the Penis shirt !!

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