Much as it pains me to agree with Jim Rome on anything, Matt Lindstrom’s pathetic overreaction to being taken deep by the almost-Cadillac-ing Bryan Englehardt was right up there with Charles Barkley hitting Angola’s Herlander Coimbra with an elbow in the 1992 Summer Games.  Had Englehardt actually paused nearly as long as Lindstrom seemed to think after hitting an otherwise meanlingless solo HR with his club trailing by 6 runs, where was the harm?  This was probably the final moment on a major baseball stage for Englehardt or the target of Lindstrom’s brushback pitch, Vince Rool.  What twisted, douchebag version of “respecting the game” finds it permissible to tarnish that moment?  It was a sad reminder to the rest of the world that the likes of Usain Bolt — just to name one athlete far more vilified than Lindstrom — have no monopoly on crap sportsmanship.