greetings and welcome to episode #88. It was touch and go for a moment whether or not this show would get completed on time — I was occupied most of yesterday tracking the progress of my bid for an NFT of Wild Dogs’ ‘Man’s Best Friend’ (Shrapnel, 1984). Unfortunately, it seems my personal assistant fucked up royally and instead was bidding on the far less interesting 2015 reunion album NFT, ‘Born To Rock Forever’. By the time I discovered the error, it was too late and now I’m out several hundreds of thousands of dollars and the NFT site has gone AWOL (which all things considered, is much worse than going Dave Wohl*)

Anyhow, enough of my troubles. I’m very excited about the musical selections on this week’s program and look forward to future tapings from friends’ couches or carports now that I’ve had to sell off all the recording gear to pay for the Wild Dogs NFT.

* – Nets humor. Ask someone who pretends to be a Nets fan.

Beton Combo – Tag X
Schizos – Kill Your Town
The Impenitents – Camel Hair Shirt
Tim Dahl – Quantum Creep
Experiment Incest – Against Information
Madteo – Build Bad Better Sweatshops
Lia Kohl – First Picture Of the Weather Pattern
The Mystery – Keep At it
21-645 – Babble
21-645 – Copulator
Flies – The Boulder Dam
High Aura’d – If I’m Walking In The Dark
Ellen Arkbro – Chords For Guitar
Spencer Dobbs – Keening
Sad Eyed Beatniks – Free Composition Number 6
Teresa Winter – Drowning By Numbers pt. v
Mette Rasmussen & Pak Yan Lau – Yakimoki – mukumuku
Franciska – Näden er din dagligdag