It’s funny what sleep deprivation can do to a programmer. For instance, I meant to describe the Fourth World Quartet as primarily consisting of the Miller Brothers (Laurence, Roger and Ben) and instead, sleepy referred to them as “Roger, Laurence and Larry,” which makes no sense whatsoever. While we’re on the subject of questionable decisions, I’m going to say my promise to bludgeon the individual who wrote a longish critique of last week’s episode (and my on-air invitation for that person to visit my home, complete with my street address provided) was ill-advised, however I’m told by the production team it might be edited out of this show. Either way, I’ll be out of town for a few days, so the discussion (and/or the bludgeoning) will simply have to wait. Thank you.

Wirklich Pipit – Protokol 238
Out Hud – Dad, There’s A Little Phrase Called Too Much Information
Loraine James – Insecure Behavior and Fuckery
Deep Puddle Dynamics – Thought vs. Action
Cha Cha Cohen – Spook On The High Lawn
Backxwash feat. Ada Rook – I Lie Here Buried With My Rings & Dresses
Saturn & The Sun – Determination

Headroom – Rubber Match
F/i – Just To Get Us Off
Last Days Of May – Sand, Sea and Space
Wits / Zarakov /Meung – I
Senyawa x Black To Comm – Istana Cair
Davy Kehoe – Going Machine

Tomáš Niesner – Pagoda
Eight Point Star – Winchester’s Dream
Steve Reid & The Legendary Master Brotherhood – Sixth House
The Fourth World Quartet – Pompeii