After being interrupted, taunted, insulted, bullied, gaslit and lied to by an aging egomaniac for 2 hours, the entire nation needs to take a shower. But enough about this week’s program – anything interesting on tv last night?

Unholy Swill – War Pigs
?Last Rights – Wasted Time
?Mirror – Cadaver Dogs
?Kitchen’s Floor – Expiry
?Life Stinks – Your Face Is A Mess ?
Crazy Doberman – The Opening & Closing Of The Tinctures?
NE$$ x Baby J – The Rona ??

Chris & Cosey – Education Through Labour
?Keller Crackers – Anem?
Phew – Let’s Dance, Let’s Go
?Grischa Lichtenberger – Input Mess?
Frank Baugh, Matthew Sage – Morning Table Washaway
?L.A. Lungs – Some Beaches You Can’t Remember
?Maxine Funke – Make That Dream

Bob Bellerue & Jarret Silberman – Amplified Piano Duets?
Soft Shoulder – Fortunate For Three??
Curtis Chaos – Magic Dreams ?
Karl Lindh – Majornas Visa
?Aix Em Klemm – 3X2 (Exit)