for episode number 74 of the greatest online radio program (produced in this zip code…well, this side of the street, anyway) it’s time for my annual LEVITATION FEST preview. If you know me, and i hope you do, the Levitation Festival is sort of like Xmas & the 4th of July all smashed together. No check that, it’s more Yom Kippur meets Take Your Anaconda To Work Day, and both of ‘em are running neck and neck in the atonement stakes. Look, I know you’re all excited to catch the Floppy Hat Fuckfaces and other hopefuls from the pseudo-psych scene but I’m here to remind you in these desperate times we do not need another super spreader event. Although in this instance, it’s more like an exceedingly average spreader event. I’m not talking about spreading you-know-what, I mean spreading mediocrity with utter abandon. And if you wanna claim this is not nearly as deadly as you-know-what, yes, you’re right but that’s an awfully low bar to set for humankind.

Etron Fou Lelouban -Nicholas
Phew – Snow & Pollen
The Homosexuals – Technique Street
Blue Orchids – The House That Faded Out
Power Supply – Infinity
Men & Health – Heroin On Reality TV
Orvy – I Want To Be An Artist
CIA Debutante – People Who Wait
Cletus Vortex – Transmission
F/i – This Is The Key, Said Tim
Rosali – Internal Difference
Leda – Gitarrmusik I
Alison Knowles – Essential Divisions
Gia Margaret – Barely There
Diana Princess Of Wales – Still Beach
Blod – Bakom Stängda Dörrar
Kathryn Mohr – Too Many Dreams
Michael R. Bernstein – Composition 2020 # 7 (For Lamonte Young)
Vertonen – Dirty Winds, Dirty Waters (2014, from Tacenda)
Shawné Michaelain Holloway – AFTER-NATALIE-HINDERAS[a-terrasse-des-audiences-du-clair-de-lune.wav]