Welcome to the 75th episode of this program and as you’ve come to expect, I’m not about to shy away from topics other online radio shows are too cowardly or squeamish to touch. I’d hoped to devote this show exclusively to an in-depth discussion of who is more dangerously delusional, Klay Thompson for thinking he ought to have been named as one of the NBA’s 75 top players of all-time or Carmine Appice for campaigning on behalf of Vanilla Fudge’s slimmer-than-slim Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame chances, however there’s a more seasonal concern that hits closer to home. As most of you know, the annual Levitation Festival has concluded and now that all the (do you know who I am) shouting is over, we’re left with the crushing, paralyzing ennui. Who knows how long it will be before bands that suck worse than 20 Spindrifts return to our city? An educated guess is “any day now”, but until that day arrives, I would like everyone to consider how difficult this come-down of all come-downs must be for your friends and neighbors. As a recently disgraced methhead / Walter Shitty used to remind me on the regular, nothing matters more than the mental health of your scene buds (unless you’re gaslighting them, in which case boo fucking hoo) and with that in mind, if you’re suffering in the aftermath of Levitation, please please please talk to someone. There are people who care. I mean, not me, necessarily. Under no circumstances should you text, DM or call me, but absolutely, reach out to a qualified semi-professional.

Jackie-O Motherfucker – Turtles
Jason Williamson – Our Tits Only
Able Noise – Recordings (side A)
Lolina – A Really Spectacular Situation
Tim Goss – Fly VIII
Lewsberg – Getting Closer
Tim Dahl – Global Exit
Hauras – The Glare Of The Nave
Sunik Kim – The Truth
Blacktail – Now Muzik
Mica Levi – Ride Til We Die
Aaron Dillloway & Jeph Jerman – Brdd
Stomerbully – As You Were
Deniz Tek – 100 Fools
Prisonshake – Bedtime Beats You Senseless
Andrew Pekler – Browser Music 2
Steve Reich Ensemble – Octet
KMRU & Echium – Christa