…a pretty cool fringe sport, one that is slipping into obivion at this very moment stateside, briefly found itself at the epicentre of the US sporting zeitgeist.

And with nothing but found memories of that Winter Olympiad, CSTB pays tribute to the educators, students and dorm staff of Boston University. Some people will say your diplomas aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Others will claim your female students are a wanton, disease-ridden lot. But I’ll stick up for you every time. Without the hardcore contributions of Terrier alumni, the US doesn’t beat the Soviets in those Lake Placid Olympics, we lose the cold war and end up listening to Aquarium instead of Creed.

So thank you, Boston University. You’ve bought up every inch of available real estate up and down Commonwealth Avenue, but more importantly, you’ve helped preserve Our Way Of Life.