Prior to Dallas’ demolition of  Portland in Game 5 of their Western Conference first round series,  Mavs owner Mark Cuban (above, left) had his afternoon cardio-care briefly interrupted by the Portland Tribune’s Kerry Eggers, who had the temerity to quiz Cuban regarding a widely reported incident from Game 3.

I started the interview by asking Cuban if he knew what hit him.

“I got hit by something,” he said, pleasantly enough. “All I know is the pretty lady next to me jumped, something hit me in my face and that was it.”

Any idea what the object was?

Suddenly, Cuban’s mood darkened to the color of the Dallas sky (tornado warnings) that afternoon.

“What the (expletive) does it matter?” he asked. “Does it make a damn bit of difference at this point?”

“Well, I …” I began.

“Does it make a damn bit of difference at this point?” Cuban repeated.

“You sound irritated by it,” I said.

“Yeah, because it’s a dumb-ass question,” he said. “What’s the point of bringing it up? Are you going to go find somebody? Are you going to hunt the person down? … Ask me a real question.”

Gee, Mark, I thought that was a real question.

“The question turns into something antagonistic to somebody,” he said. “Either you try to get me to accuse somebody of something …”

“I’m not trying to get you to accuse anybody of anything,” I broke in. “I’m just trying to get the story on what happened in your words.”

“You could have read other accounts, because about 50 people wrote about it,” he said.

“I intended to ask whether his dialogue with Portland fans may have led to the projectile incident,” adds Eggers, though it would appear Cuban’s rapport with the Portland media isn’t much better. rolex replica deep sea bulgari diagono pro acqua replica
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