From MSNBC (thanks to Jon Solomon for the link) :

The San Francisco 49ers’ front office is under fire for an in-house training video that including lesbian porn, off-color racial jokes, a parody of gay marriage, topless blondes, and star linebacker Julian Peterson playing the part of a panhandler, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday.

The Chronicle said some of the 15-minute video was filmed at the City Hall office of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and was supposed to give players a primer on how to handle the media in the diverse city.

49ers team lawyer Ed Goines told the Chronicle that the video “is absolutely contradictory to the ideals and values of the San Francisco 49ers.”

Public relations director Kirk Reynolds (above), who developed the video, is now looking for a new job, the Chronicle said.

The Chronicle said the video was shown to 49ers players last year at the team’s training camp in Santa Clara after a diversity workshop, which Reynolds organized after an anti-homosexual comment by running back Garrison Hearst.

“I thought it was one of the funniest things I ever saw,” cornerback Mike Rumph told the Chronicle. “The locker room is like a fraternity. The outside world can’t really judge that.”

Among the video’s key moments are a wedding featuring a topless couple who engage in heavy petting; the 49ers’ then-trainer and martial arts expert George Chung depicting a stereotype of a Chinese man saying among other things “My brother’s name is Suck Young — my whole family suck”; and a scene starring 49ers linebacker Julian Peterson who helps demonstrate at a Santa Clara County jail on how to cope with being arrested, the Chronicle said.

Mayor Newsom’s press secretary Peter Ragone told the Chronicle that the mayor gave Reynolds permission to use City Hall with the understanding that the video was a training film.

“They didn’t tell us anything about its content,” Ragone said.

The Chronicle said Newsom called Reynolds an “idiot” as he was shown the tape on Tuesday.

The Chronicle said that, in one scene, a topless, lesbian wedding takes place at the city’s famed Mitchell Brothers’ O’Farrell Theater and administered by Reynolds, who acts as the mayor.

“I know the courts say we can’t do this,” Reynolds says in the film, “but like my predecessor, we make our own rules here in San Francisco.”

After the the couple takes their vows, they drop to the floor and engage in serious petting. One of them says, “Go 49ers” as the camera turns away.

Reynolds then says toward the camera, “As you guys learned in diversity training, people have diverse lifestyles. You may know someone or have a family member with a diverse lifestyle. So embrace diversity ” embrace it.”

Then a black man and white man prepare to be married, the Chronicle said.

Peterson later acts in a scene in which he’s a panhandler, and the film shows how to deal with being arrested at a Santa Clara County jail.

“Don’t bend over for the soap,” Reynolds tells his viewing audience, as a screaming and handcuffed prisoner ” played by linebacker Jeff Ulbrich ” is thrown into a jail cell by two guards.

I don’t wish to diminish the offensive nature of this tape, but it’s probably funnier than most episodes of “Mad TV”.