With the Mets reportedly improving their offer to free agent OF Jason Bay, Amazin Avenue’s James Kannengieser‘s tackles the perception (voiced by one one his site’s own readers) that GM Omar Minaya is biased towards Latinos. Who knew that Chris Russo would be 3 years ahead of his time?

Last winter, Omar’s Mets were part of a blockbuster three team trade which included Mariners and Indians. In the biggest trade of his reign, at least in terms of player volume, he gave up four Latino players and received (gasp!) three white players in return. It had nothing to do with race. Omar wanted to upgrade the bullpen at seemingly any cost and he got his guy, J.J. Putz. Flawed evaluation of players? Almost certainly. Racial bias motivating a transaction? No, sorry. It’s curious how transactions like this are conveniently ignored once the Omar racism watchdogs come out of their holes to spout absurdity. Usually, Oliver Perez, Moises Alou, Orlando Hernandez and Luis Castillo are brought up with nary a mention of Tim Redding, Scott Schoeneweis, Darren Oliver or Gary Sheffield.

If you think Omar Minaya only goes after “certain players” it’s because you want to believe the poorly performing GM of your favorite baseball team favors one race over another. It’s because you want to believe he has some sort of scheme to decrease the number of non-Latinos in baseball, or to increase money paid out to Latinos in this country. Criticizing his moves in the strict baseball context is not enough for you – it has to become personal, an assault on Omar’s character. As always, you’re free to have these beliefs, but you’re flat-out wrong.

Indeed, Minaya’s acquisitions have included the likes of Billy Wagner, Paulie Go Nuts and Chris Coste.  Under Omar’s stewardship, the club continued to insist Daniel Murphy was qualified to play left field and/or first base and gainfully employed the not-at-all hispanic Razor Shines to supervise a succession of ’09 baserunning blunders.