Mascot Stalker Liz Clayton’s mail bag is almost as messy as mine.

Love your website!  just be sure to stay away from “Maddie” the mascot for the WNBA new york liberty.  “maddie” is a former crack addict that lives in his parents basement.

Given the likely pay of an WNBA mascot, we can presume that such compensation might have something to do with Maddie being a former crackhead, as opposed to a current rock abuser.

On the matter of NBA mascots, Renaldo Balkman had no points in 6 minutes of action during the Knicks’ 100-92 loss at San Antonio Saturday night.  Isiah Thomas, not content with merely threatening to throttle Bruce Bowen, received a technical for jawing over the fancy footwork of the Spurs’ all-defense small forward.