1) To the large contingent of meatheads in sections 43 and 45 who saw fit to spend much of the evening menacing a man and woman donning Cards jerseys —- you suck. All of you. Unless the Mets are prepared to enact segregated seating like they have in most European football leagues (and I’d prefer they do no such thing), Shea’s supposed security crew needs to spend less time hassling people for moving to lower rows when seats are vacated, and place some, heck, any emphasis on the protection of the paying customer. That said, the failure of the crowd to police itself does little to challenge any “pond scum” stereotypes the opposition’s support might be trading in.

2) The “Gerard from the car phone” that just rang Joe Benigno-Gazingo was not me (sadly).

3) Dear Jay Jaffe.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. How many dogs and kitty cats have you saved recently?  If an advanced mind like Tony La Russa isn’t observant enough to notice when his slugger(s) are shooting up in the toilet in two different decades, can he really be expected to keep track of Carlos Beltran’s numbers against Wevie Stonder I?