(above : Beltran’s loving farewell to Jay Horowitz, who might be able to eat solid food again in a few weeks)

Multiple Tweeters of considerable prominence are reporting the San Francisco Giants’ acquisition of Mets RF Carlos Beltran is nearly complete, with outfielder Gary Brown and /or pitcher Zach Wheeler (maybe) heading to Flushing, pending Beltran waiving his no trade clause.  Though it’s not the happiest end to the 6-time All-Star’s tenure in New York, that Sandy Alderson received anyone of substance in return for a two-month rental is slight consolation after ownership have waved the white flag on the 2011 season for the 3rd or 4th time since Spring.  More comforting from a Met perspective is whatever solace can be found in not having to watch Beltran performing postseason heroics in a Braves or Phillies uniform. G’bye and good luck, Carlos.  Thanks for the (mostly) pleasant memories, and if anyone from the Giants front office mentions something about visiting a veteran’s hospital, make absolutely certain you’re there several hours early (and maybe send out a press release criticizing whatever Brian Wilson wore that day.)

(UPDATE : The New York Daily News’ Andy Martino reports the swap is Beltran + cash for Wheeler)