In April of ’07 we linked to the sickening tale of thespian Joseph Petcka, a 30th round draft selection by the Mets in 1998, charged more recently with the violent murder of an ex-girlfriend’s cat. Today, reports, Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus allowed Petcka to walk free, following completion of extensive (?) community service.

“I am confident that there will be no further allegations about abuse of animals on your part,” Obus said.

Prosecutors said the actor and former New York Mets minor leaguer attacked the 8-pound, declawed cat in a drunken, jealous rage after complaining that his then-girlfriend loved the cat more than she loved him. He said he overreacted after being bitten by the tabby, named Norman.

Since his plea last year, Petcka has completed 500 hours of community service at a soup kitchen, children’s art program and youth club where he taught pitching, prosecutors and his lawyer said.

“We’re just glad that it’s over, and we feel that he’s paid his debt,” defense lawyer Charles S. Hochbaum said. Petcka declined to comment.

Not to make light of the serious charges, but given Petcka’s extremely limited baseball resume (not to mention genuine anger management issues), what “youth club” in their right mind would allow him to serve as a pitching tutor?  Even Kenny Powers thinks this is fucked up.