Many of you have asked about NewsCorp buying CSTB.

Everyone seems scared that CSTB is going to change. I’m not leaving, and I’m still making the decisions about the site, and I’m not going to let things suck. Well, no more than they do already.

The rumors people are reposting in bulletins are not true: 1) we are not going to become a pay site (though if you can envision a way we could do so, please call me). 2) we are not increasing advertising (a simple promise to make as we don’t have any — once again, if know how to get those blogads motherfuckers to return my messages, let me know know). 3) we are not allowing anyone to monitor the site. 4) we are not deleting any content or censoring people in any new way. (the old ways are oppressive enough) 5) we are not exploiting anyone’s data or violating anyone’s privacy (I haven’t figured out how to do this yet).

CSTB has been my life for almost two years now. I know its as important to others as it is to me. I won’t let it get jacked up.


P.S. – If anyone can explain what “jacked up” means, I’d really appreciate it.