Amidst rumors his voice was no longer being heard by Nationals ownership, team president Stan Kasten resigned yesterday, causing the New York Times’ David Waldstein to openly speculate if the Mets might consider the veteran sports executive to replace the lame duck general manager Omar Minaya.

There is no indication the Mets have reached out to any potential candidates yet, and that includes Kasten, since they haven™t yet resolved the future structure of the baseball department.

But they have contemplated virtually every possible scenario to revive their flagging franchise, so perhaps this idea will be discussed, if it hasn™t already been. Certainly, the indefatigable Kasten isn™t ready to retire. Speaking with reporters in Washington on Thursday, Kasten, 58, indicated he wants a shot with another team.

Because he is not strictly a baseball man, Kasten might not fit the Mets™ current models if they feel his areas of expertise are too similar to Jeff Wilpon™s job description as chief operating officer. But Kasten has a strong track record of success, and if Fred Wilpon, the Mets™ chairman and chief executive, were to consult Commissioner Bud Selig, Kasten would surely get a glowing recommendation.

Jeff Wilpon’s focus on box office considerations has been alluded to more than once recently, and with that in mind, Kasten might be the perfect man for the job. He’s already demonstrated a zeal for selling tickets to Phillies fans, who might become a very important part of Citi Field’s turnover the next few seasons.