Love it, love it, for sure! Found this web site about a month ago and love all the comment,s and to know that 19 years after the fact that the Video was shot. People are still wondering what the HELL was COMPLETE trying to do? Well, just what we have done. Look at all of the web site’s and the controversy we have started. I can’t help but love this, you guy’s are all sitting in front of your computer’s, bashing and trashing and I have to smile… Again Complete has been invited for the What, say that again, “The Forth year in a row, to SXSW to showcase in Austin.” Do u have any idea how many signed bands would kill for a spot at this ? Only 2 bands were chosen last year from DFW, that’s Dallas Fort worth for those of you who need a little extra help….. Famous is Famous, no matter how you get there, and I am proud to be known as a part of the world’s most shocking band. EVER !!! We will be playing the Ranch in Arlington Texas on the 13th at 10pm. Please come on out and be your own judge, you know that not everything you read or see is true….
Thank you for letting me be the topic of your grand discussion. The reason I keep on playing is because I love Rock and Roll, I want to bring back what we lost long ago, and if it’s not us let it be someone else. The new music is nothing like what my generation enjoyed. I love to perform and Love to put on a Rocking Show! Even if you don’t enjoy it, I can assure you I am enjoying it enough for everyone… Let me leave you with this one last thought, “ARE YOU LISTENING” ? “YOU CAN KISS MY ASS WHAT” YOU CAN KISS MY ASS WHAT, YOU CAN KISS MY ASS WHAT? CAUSE I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU SAY !!!!!!

Test your knowledge what song does this come from? My fans will know this, God bless you all and have a rocking day !!!!


ps.. The positive comments far out weigh the negative one’s, but I am just glad folks seem to wanna talk about us.Nashville Scene, 3/6/12