“Pretty stunning,” writes Rog. “A Scott Boras client tells the truth!”  Indeed, this might be the only smart p.r. move Alex Rodriguez has made in recent memory (and I’m including his pushing a child out of the path of a speeding truck).  The only possible drawback to The Third Baseman coming clean ; he chose to do so with a journalist more closely identified with Boston than Springa, thus dissing the Gotham media who are otherwise loving this to death.

Given that Rodriguez says he’s “sorry for my Texas years” (yes, he and Tom Hicks), am I too late to start a petition drive to have the 2003 AL MVP Award  given to Carlos Delgado?

(6:17 PM UPDATE : Actually, there’s all sorts of drawbacks to Rodriguez’ chat with Peter Gammons. The endless chat, aired on Monday evening’s SportsCenter, showcased an A-Rod who was delusional as he was forthcoming. Insisting his clean performances before 2001 and after 2003 should, y’know, count for something. “Winning is a tonic for many things,” sputtered Rodriguez, “and hopefully I can still win one or two championships.” But it wasn’t all bravado mixed with mild contrition. The Third Baseball warned that other journalists shouldn’t “follow this Selena Roberts lady off the cliff”, accusing the Sports Illustrated reporter of stalking him “over the last 3 or 4 years.” He wasn’t, however, able to refute anything Roberts actually reported.

Incredibly, Rodriguez claims he cannot recall what substances he used. Early in the conversation with Gammons, Rodriguez alluded to “the culture at the time”, but also feigned ignorance about PED use amongst teammates and peers (“I’ve never looked to my left or my right”). So much for getting “the gorilla off my back”.

No less a day to day authority on all things Yankee than Michael Kay expressed disbelief that Rodriguez would struggle to cope with the burden of expectations in Arlington, TX, but could easily make a PED-free transition upon arrival in the sleepy, tolerant hamlet of New York City. A-Rod’s receiving some congrats this evening for having faced the music, but his testimony in front of Judge Gammons was inconsistent at best, horribly self-serving at worst. The attack on Roberts was particularly despicable, and presuming the former New York Times staffer didn’t attempt to break into Slappy’s apartment (!), she oughta sue.)