Or to quote Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves, “How Can People Wear That Stuff?” . From the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Gary Derong.

San Francisco opens at San Diego on April 3, plays seven at home, then has series at Los Angeles, Arizona and Colorado. The gang from CheaterClothing.com will be peddling T-shirts at Dodger Stadium, and the Bonds backlash should be in full bloom.

It would be mildly surprising to see Dodgers fans don Giants colors, even if the message on the shirt is anti-Bonds.

It would be more surprising to see fans buy tickets in the left-field corner instead of the right-field seats, where visions of eBay profits reside.

And it would be one of the most poignant expressions of fan sentiment in baseball history if every Bonds home run ball hit on the road this season is thrown back onto the field.

That’s a bold suggestions, and I can only presume that Derong has plenty of personal experience in flushing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the toilet. And wouldn’t it be a more poignant expression of public discontent if such a HR ball was thrown back during a home game in SF? Or if Barry were hung outside the stadium gates? Not in effigy mind you, but for real, by a braying mob hellbent on protecting the integrity of the game and its hallowed records (eg. Mark McGwire’s 70 HR’s).

I would personally prefer to see all foul balls hit by Bret Boone last year brought to an open field and detonated. I think that would be a rather profound, though entirely useless, expression of my personal disillusionment with the state of sports journalism.