“Chad Duncan’s car got absolutely wrecked by a bunch of jamokes who took a celebration and turned it into their own idiotic demolition derby,” writes Bostonian Bobby O’Neal of one local resident’s car being flipped over in the celebratory aftermath of the Red Sox beating the Cardinals in Game 6 of the 2013 World Series.  “That is stupid,” argues O’Neil.  “Boston’s better than that. Especially after this year, no one who truly loves the city of Boston should ever engage in willful wanton destruction.”

And while O’Neal was successful in raising more than his goal of reimbursing Chad Duncan’s $2500 out-of-pocket expenses, I do have one small bone to pick.  Clearly, Boston ISN’T better than that.  Multiple Red Sox and Patriots championships have been marked by scenes of “willful, wanton destruction” from Kenmore Square to Western Massachusetts. That Duncan’s friends and neighbors wish to assist is wonderful and everything, but there’s ample evidence to indicate “Boston Strong” also means they’ve got the strength to flip over a Toyota Corolla.