Sort of.  Biz On Baseball’s Maury Brown reported today that  Harold Reynolds has successfully compelled a Connecticut Supreme Court Judge to force ESPN to turn over the fired baseball analyst’s personal file.

Judge Joseph Shortall approved Reynolds’ motions deciding that ESPN must turn in information and in a separate protective order document that certain key pieces of information must be treated confidential by order of the court, including “the names, addresses and any other identifying information of person(s) who complained to ESPN about plaintiff.”

Judge Shortfall’s ruling on the information that ESPN must provide reads in part:

It is also ORDERED that the defendant shall provide the plaintiff with a copy of all papers, documents and reports in its possession, including electronic mail and facsimiles, which are within the definition of a “personal file” in Conn. General Statues § 31-128  (7) until the termination of this litigation by judgment or settlement, including all appeals which may be taken from any judgment.

If you’re wondering why Reynolds has yet to be hired by another network or local broadcaster, I think we can safely presume the former 2B made a crucial mistake in asking John Kruk to write a letter of recommendation.