Who knew what kind of sparks would fly when legend in his own mind Darren Heitner interviewed former Bulls PG B.J. Armstrong for the former’s Sports Agent Blog? Not many, as it turns out. Armstrong might be a relative newcomer to the brutally competitive world of sports representation, but his short stint at ESPN clearly taught him plenty about saying absolutely nothing of value when given the opportunity.

Heitner: Is there any particular reason that Derrick Rose picked you as his primary agent over Arn Tellem?

BJ Armstrong: Again, I think that Derrick chose me largely because I played in Chicago and he grew up in Chicago watching me play. There was a time in Chicago where I played on some pretty good teams. The things that happened in that city as he was growing up probably left a mark on him. Again, I believe that I was the beneficiary of good timing. Derrick and I even played the same position. Sometimes things just line up¦you can™t plan it. I think we just had a few similarities in our background that made it all work out for a lot of different reasons.

Heitner : Do you have any relationship with William Wesley? If so, what is your general impression of his role in professional basketball?

BJ Armstrong: I have known Wesley for over 20 years. I knew him back when I was playing in the late 80s. I have a great relationship with Wes and I have no problems with him whatsoever. He was a part of our family when I was playing in Chicago, when I was traded¦I have always known him. He has been nothing but a friend to me since I entered the NBA. He™s been with us forever. It™s just Wes¦he™s there. I still see him; he is everywhere. You see him at sporting events, venues, games.

Heitner : What is your response to David Falk™s recent comment that signing players is becoming less about what you have to offer to the client, and more about paying athletes and/or people close to them in order to represent them?

BJ Armstrong: I guess that is possible from his perspective. More importantly, he would have to answer it in more detail from his experiences. It is interesting that I have gone through the process of representing clients as an ex-athlete. I am certainly not naïve to think that the possibility of corruption isn™t there. I think David would really have to clarify his statement, though, because certainly you cannot say that it™s the only realm of possibility. It™s not the only way that things are done in this business.