(EDITOR’S NOTE : rarely does a morning at CSTB HQ pass without a couple of spammy solicitations from various Yardbarker-wannabes, Casino gambling purveyors or some bot claiming to be a big fan of the site (and would we like to publish their article about erectile dysfunction for a small fee). All of that said, none of the creeps and scam artists who’ve approached to date have come up with a scheme nearly this condescending or doomed to failure. So without further ado, here’s the biggest boost for verbose Walter Shittys this side of the Connecticut School Of Broadcasting – GC)

Hey Gerard,

I hope this finds you well. I read some of your recent articles on Can’t Stop the Bleeding and wanted to reach out to you based on the strength and quality of your writing.

I am part of a new website, www.letmehearya.com, that aims to change the way fans watch live sports. We seek to give every fan, writer, and aspiring broadcaster the opportunity to broadcast their own live commentary of sporting events, instead of viewers having to listen to the network commentators. I think based on your writing that you would make a great broadcaster on our platform. You will have the ability to broadcast any game you want across the major sports leagues. You can go to www.letmehearya.com and simply sign-up for a profile to begin broadcasting today.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about LetMeHearYa and the procedure for broadcasting, and I look forward to hopefully listening to one of your broadcasts soon!


Tommy Kramer
Business Development
[email protected]

Curiously, Let Me Hear Ya’s terms of service agreement forbids broadcasts that, “infringe on the intellectual property or other legal rights of LetMeHearYa or others”. Given that live play-by-play or analysis would almost certainly be considered the intellectual property of Major League Baseball, I’m not anticipating a long life for for Mr. Kramer’s site. Unless, of course, they sell the idea to MLB Advanced Media.