As you’re certainly aware, on Saturday night, Mets starter Bartolo Colon, 42, became the oldest player in MLB history to hit his first career HR, lining a pitch from the Padres’ James Shields over the left field fence at Petco Park. Colon, whose adventures in the batters box have been the subject of national mockery for some time now, was hailed far and wide for this most unlikely of blasts, but it seems the MLB Network’s Christopher Russo was less than impressed :

“No one cares?”, Dog? Would the internet have been broken in half had this preposterous HR not been hit? Would highlights shows that possess 5000X the viewership of Russo’s “High Heat” segment have replayed the historic achievement were this merely a matter of fascination to Mets fans?

It’s all too familiar for Russo to dismiss an event in the sports world with the claim it’s not big time enough to warrant discussion or even cheers. The irony of course being that Russo’s satellite radio program — redefining phoned-in on a daily basis — is heard by a fraction of the audience he used to annoy while working alongside WFAN’s Mike Francesa. A broadcaster who rewards Sirius / XM subscribers and shareholders by talking about his kids’ pee-wee hoops excursions considers Bartolo Colon’s first (and possibly only) big league HR something less than newsworthy.