Peter Gammons shares the following heartwarming story in his insider blog :

There may never have been any better prankster than George Brett. Ask Andre David, now a coach on Buddy Bell’s staff.

(George Brett, shown with something else you can’t take on an airplane)

David was born in Afghanistan (“he’ll manage the Afghans in the next WBC,” says Brett). So, as a practical joke, Brett wrote “Ahmed Mohammed Ahi” on the inside brim of David’s cap, which he did not mind because he is very proud of his heritage.

Problem is, David got profiled in the Orlando airport and they rummaged through his equipment bag, where the cap with the name was found.

“I got taken into a special room,” says David. “Then they found a bunch of plastics knives George had put in my laptop bag. Fortunately, it all worked out.”

Only George could put someone into solitary confinement at customs and make him laugh.