When the going gets tough, defense attorneys get desperate. There’s the time-honored “she asked for it” defense. Robert Chambers’ innovative “rough sex” defense. Mike Tyson’s baffling “she should’ve known what would happen” defense.

But with all discredit to the gentlemen above, the following item from the New York Post’s Laura Italiano might be a new all-time low. The first ever “she wasn’t hot enough to rape” defense.

My client made $500,000 a year,” the defense lawyer, Howard Greenberg, said after a Manhattan Supreme Court appearance for James Colliton, who is being held without bail. Colliton was a tax attorney for Cravath, Swaine and Moore, a top Midtown law firm.

“He had the wherewithal to pay for any piece of tuchus on the planet,” Greenberg continued. “And he paid that skank?”

While we can all acknowledge that everyone is entitled to a fair trial and their choice of representation, I hope that Greenberg’s friends and family are all thrilled to be associated with a man who refers to an alleged (child) rape victim as a “piece of tuchus” or “that skank”.