Mets 4, Brewers 3

As CSTB’s dozen or so reguar readers are all too aware, much of ’04 and ’05 was spent burying Tom Glavine at every available opportunity. Glavine was pilloried as a Wilpon lapdog, defacto GM, rotten teammate, an Atlanta double agent, the worst Mets free agent signing since George Foster, etc….need I go on?

Clearly, I was full of shit. Despite throwing a ball that could get pulled over on the LIE for speeding, Glavine had a strong 2nd half in 2005 and has been exceptional thus far in 2006. The Massachusetts native struck out 11 Brewers in 6 innings last night ; to say what Glavine lacks in velocity, he makes up for in guile would be the understatement of the spring.

Aaron Heilman’s nightmarish 7th inning (10 pitches, one walk 2 hits, 2 earned runs, no one retired) led to a) Heilman getting the Carlos Beltran treatment and b) some speculation from Coleman and McCarthy about the reliever’s “stone-faced” reaction. Calming influence of Julio Franco or not, I think it is just about time for someone on this team to tell the paying customers to go fuck themselves.

I nominate Kaz Matsui.

Red Sox 2, Seattle 1

On a similar tip, I’ve composed more than a few entries in which Curt Schilling was lambasted for any number of crimes against humanity, real or imagined. It must be acknowledged, however unfortunate for the rest of the American League, that Schilling is once again performing at a level commensurate with his outings circa 2004. Friday night against the Mariners, Schilling allowed a mere three hits, walking none while striking out 7 over 8 innings. The M’s were overmatched sort of like Lou Guzzo versus the Dehumanizers.

Jonathan Papelbon collected his 5th save in as many chances. Even worse news for Keith Foulke, the Lowell Lock Monsters lost to Manchester last night. Not that I actually know for certain that Foulke is a Lock Monsters fan or anything, but I’m sure he feels as badly as I do.

The Boston Herald’s Jeff Horrigan reports the Sultan Of Sloth might be headed to the disabled list.

The 42-year-old left-hander David Wells, who was pounded for seven runs on 10 hits in only four innings in Wednesday™s 8-4 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, is continuing to experience problems with his right knee and met with the Red Sox™ medical staff following last night™s 2-1 win over the Seattle Mariners. No final determination was made but indications point to him landing on the DL to undergo further treatment on the knee, which required arthroscopic surgery last

Like Keith Foulke, who also has very little cartilage remaining in his knees, Wells may undergo injections of the synthetic lubricant, Synvisc, to deal with mobility within the joint. Foulke, who had surgery on both knees last year, had Synvisc injections throughout spring training and has recently displayed leg drive and effectiveness that eluded him throughout a disastrous 2005.