Rumored to be coveted by the Brooklyn Nets, former Utah Jazz F Andrei Kirilenko took a break from preparing for Russia’s Olympic qualifiers, submitting to questions from Russia Beyond The Headlines’ Peter Petrovsky.

RBTH: Weren’t you afraid to go back to Russia? You hold an American passport. Not everyone in Russia thought your decision made sense.

A.K.: Why? I knew where I was going and America will wait. My wife and three children were able to choose where to live.

RBTH: Can you say a few words about the problems you had taking your U.S. citizenship test.

A.K.: Those were not problems, but a misunderstanding. I could not answer a question about the War of Independence. They asked me why the colonists disliked the British government and I said they wanted freedom. They told me the answer was wrong, but I said I thought it was definitely right…