Tigers 6, A’s 3 (Tigers sweep, 4-0)

I think it is fair to say baseball glove manufacturers will not be lining up in the offseason to offer Jay Payton an endorsement deal.

I also think it was particularly bush league of Magglio Ordonez to slow down during both of his HR trots in order to send abusive text messages to Ozzie Guillen.

Billy W. of Flushing, NY is on the car phone — he’d like to talk about Ken Macha using Huston Street in a tie game, and claims the Oakland manager should’ve known better.

In all seriousness, congrats to the Tigers and their billion-year-old, chain-smoking manager. But if Mick Collins isn’t invited to throw out the first pitch of the World Series next Saturday night, it will be a great injustice.

The first person to say that Billy Beane’s shit doesn’t work in the 2nd round of the playoffs is banned from the comments section for 3 hours.