Tigers 7, A’s 4, (top of the 7th)

Writes Mr. Cook,

In the past 4 innings I saw Loiaza implode, Verlander get through it, one dude taken away in handcuffs for vomiting all over section 234, row 12, and crying children covered in vomit.

Sitting with some Detroit fans in the Oakland outfield, the fellow in the above picture has reminded us repeatedly of the following:

1.  We should shut up
2.  We should go home
3.  Eminem sucks
4.  Women from Michigan are ugly
5.  Pudge sucks (alternately, go back to Florida)
6.  Craig Monroe sucks
7.  We are homosexuals (alternately, I am a faggot)
8.  Magglio Ordonez should go back to Canada

All tolled, a good night out… but it doesn’t look like I’ll get to use my game 6 tickets at this point.