You know, I did consider just shutting down the liveblog of this game due to the teeny-tiny technology I brought to the party. But then it occurred to me that just because I’m seated a mile away from Wrigley is no reason at all to adopt local mores and throw in the towel. And so we continue:

Top 4th: Kazmir punches out Uribe…then sends Anderson back looking..Kazimir has officially settled down…Cabrera up..drops a single into shallow right followed by a Nick Swisher roller up l center…Dye up…3 for 6 in series…chopper to second to end the inning Sox 2 Rays 1

Bot 4: Longoria does not homer fouls left…Buehrle strikes him out on a wicked slider…wicked Ayala double up left field past a pokey uribe, hobbled by florida nightlife…pop up 2 out…

Top 5th: sox out of inning following Ramirez hit…Received a phonecall on the Treo, which as it turns out, throws a wrench into the blogging works something fierce. Future CSTB barfly correspondents take note.

Bot 5K Fernando Perez thrown out at 1st…Bartlett: singles a dead slider to left..Iwamura…lifts a 2 run opp field homer to l center….Sox 2 Rays 3

Top 6: Uribe: singles up middle…Anderson lays down the sac bunt Uribe adv…Kazimir gets the hook…Grant Balfour in, to the chagrin of Cabrera in the box…1 out..Balfour yelling at his glove…OC grounds out 6 3 uribe advances..Swish bats left…into a left field pop fly to end the gdmf inning…Bot 6: Longoria: laces one into left for a single..Aybar: drops sac bunt Long to 2nd..Baldelli is-a up-a da bat-a…fouls off AJ’s mask…fly out to Swish, Long won’t try..2 out..Navarro 5- 3 grounder
Top 7: Dye V. Balfour Dye reaches on a bobble…Konerko baseit to left 1st and 2nd no out..Thome up..Balfour out LHP JP Howell in.Thome jammed and popped to ctr..Alexei: total bullshit 0 2 count..line to Aybar, 2 out…AJ rolls to 1st. Cub-like perfomance, frankly.