A’s 4, Twins 1 (top of the 4th)

It really hurts to watch Brad Radke pitch. Mostly because someone dropped a chair on my foot a few minutes ago. As for the Twins starter and his torn labrum, broken shoulder socket and rapidly disappearing will to live, Eric Chavez connected for a 2nd inning HR to right field, and Milton “Mr. Coffee” Bradley hit a 2-run homer to left in the 3rd. Torii Hunter, hoping to end his Minnesota tenure on a high note, connected off Danny Haren for a solo HR in the top of the 4th.

If the Steve Phillips / Jim Duquette administrations in Flushing don’t look poor enough compared to recent events at Shea, please slowly mull over the following paragraph from the SF Chronicle’s Bruce Jenkins.

Scutaro’s story just becomes more amazing by the day. I was talking with former Mets announcer and Bay Area resident Ted Robinson in Minneapolis the other day, and he said Scutaro was considered a hopeless case in the Mets’ organization just three years ago. To say that he has thrived with Billy Beane’s A’s, in the absence of regular shortstop Bobby Crosby, would be a massive understatement.

I know, shocking isn’t it? Somebody actually sought out the guidance of Ted Robinson.