Despite beating Virginia Tech on the road last Saturday, Florida State (9-1) held firm at no. 10 in this week’s BCS rankings, even though no. 9 Louisville lost to Syracuse. Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher isn’t amused, and the Palm Beach Post’s Tom D’Angelo caught in earful about the pernicious influence of statistical mumbo-jimbo jumbo.

“I think it stinks,”  Fisher said. “I think the BCS and how we go with all these computers … they got to change how we pick the top teams in this country. It’s not working. We got to get the computers out of there.”

“Florida State’s computer rankings are putrid, and it’s because the ACC is terrible and their nonconference schedule included Murray and Savannah,” said Jerry Palm of “You almost have to plan a schedule this bad.”

All, though, are required by the BCS to ignore margin of victory, which is hurting Florida State. The Seminoles are second nationally with a 30.1 average margin of victory.

“It’s too much about who you play and not how you play,” Fisher said.

“I think it was better in the old days, when you did it by the eye test and you didn’t even have a championship game,” Fisher said. “The human element has got to get back into this game or we’re going to ruin it. If we’re going to let computers tell us who’s the best team, we got issues, we got major problems.”