That some percentage of the male population beats off to Erin Andrews is not something any of us should spend a great deal of time contemplating.  That said, the overwhelming majority of those onanists do so in relative privacy — not while sitting next to Ms. Andrews on an airplane.  So with that in mind, you mind understand why former ESPN executive Keith Clinkscales has hired a prominent attorney to sue the source of AJ Daulerio’s “Why A Former ESPN VP Filed A Pre-Emptive Lawsuit Denying He Masturbated In Front Of Erin Andrews”.  And if said solicitor is going to attack the credibility of Clinkscale’s accuser, Daulerio is equally prone to raise the matter of the lawyer’s history in employing such tactics.  From the New York Daily News’ Michael O’Keefe :

Judd Burstein, a lawyer for former ESPN vice-president Clinkscale , said he filed the defamation suit against ESPN employee Joan Lynch, ensuring that the allegations would become public, because the fondling allegation is “ludicrous” and, he said, because Deadspin is not a credible news source.

“She should not have done what she did,” Burstein said of Lynch. “She shouldn’t be able to get away with this.”

Deadspin has a long history of reporting on boorish behavior by ESPN executives and on-air personalities, and Burstein said that was a factor in his decision to file the suit.

“That was factored into the equation, the lack of respect in the sports world for Deadspin,” he said. “If the allegation had come from a credible New York newspaper, I would have taken a different tact.”

When The News contacted Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio, the author of the Clinkscales post, for comment, he said: “Oscar De La Hoya. That’s my comment. That’s all I have to say.”

The lawsuit claims Lynch, who is white, has engaged in a smear campaign against Clinkscales, an African-American, because she believed he was not qualified for his job and felt that she should have been promoted to the position.

“Driven by this racial animus and sense of entitlement,” said the suit, “Lynch was routinely insubordinate to Plaintiff. Worse, still, she was at time incompetent.”

There’s absolutely no truth to the rumor, by the way, that Dov Charney has sent his resume to Bristol. CT.